What is Vscoped Chat AI in more details?

Chat AI is an advanced artificial intelligence-driven technology that analyzes transcribed data to extract valuable insights and even generates content based on the transcribed information. It employs cutting-edge natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to identify patterns, trends, and significant information within the transcribed content. This technology-driven approach not only assists businesses in understanding customer feedback, market trends, and creating meeting minutes but also serves as a valuable tool for content creators to produce high-quality, customized content swiftly and efficiently. Chat AI enhances efficiency, saves time, and exemplifies the future of transcription services by combining transcription with AI capabilities to redefine how we work with data.

What are Chat AI tokens?

Chat AI tokens are like building blocks of text that artificial intelligence uses to understand and process words and sentences. You can think of tokens as little chunks of text, sort of like puzzle pieces, where each token can be a part of a word or a complete word, depending on the language and context. For example, in English, a token might represent just one word, like "apple" or even a part of a word, like "chat," if it's broken down that way.

To give you an idea of the scale, 1,000 tokens roughly equate to about 750 words in English.

Understanding Chat AI inputs

Template: With Chat AI, you have two options: you can start fresh and explain exactly what you want to do with your transcribed data, or you can pick from ready-made templates that the Vscoped team has prepared for you. It's like choosing to build something from scratch or using a pre-made blueprint.

Name: The "Name" is something you can use to organize your chats, but Chat AI doesn't use this information. It's like a label for your convenience, but the AI doesn't pay attention to it.

Input: Here, you can tell Chat AI exactly what you want it to do with your transcribed data. Try to be clear and specific. For instance, you can ask it to make meeting notes, summarize a meeting, create a title and description for a YouTube video, or anything else you need to be done with transcribe data.

Additional information: This is where you can share any extra details with Chat AI, apart from the transcription itself. For instance, you can tell it when the meeting happened, who was there, what the meeting was about, or describe your YouTube channel. You can provide any info you think might be helpful.

Transcription length: You get to decide which part of the transcription Chat AI uses to create its response. By default, it uses the whole transcription, but you can choose a specific section if you want.

Token estimation

We provide an estimate of how many tokens your input, extra information, and transcribed data use. However, we can't estimate how many tokens Chat AI generates for its response until after you create the chat. We'll show you the final token count once the response is generated.

Uses cases

  • Meeting Minutes: Automatically create detailed meeting minutes from transcribed discussions and decisions.
  • Meeting Summaries: Automatically create concise summaries of meetings or discussions.
  • Content Summaries: Generate concise summaries of transcribed content.
  • Learning and Education: Develop study notes or summaries from recorded lectures or classes.
  • Market Research Reports: Automatically extract key insights and data trends from transcribed market research interviews and reports.
  • Customer Feedback Analysis: Analyze transcribed customer feedback to improve products, services, and customer satisfaction.
  • Content for Social Media: Create posts, tweets, and updates for social media platforms based on transcribed content.
  • YouTube Video Content: Create titles, descriptions, and content ideas for YouTube videos.
  • And in numerous additional use cases.